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The number and nature of the court appearances you will make if charged with drunk driving depends upon the severity of the charge you face.

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Misdemeanor DWI Cases

If you've been cited with misdemeanor DWI, a citation or complaint will be issued with a court date assigned. The first appearance is known as an "arraignment."  The defendant will be advised of his or her legal rights. The defendant may enter a guilty or a not guilty plea at the arraignment.

If a guilty plea is entered, the judge will pronounce a sentence, following a chemical use assessment. The sentence  may include a fine, jail time, and other probationary conditions.

If a not guilty plea is entered in a misdemeanor, the case is set for a pre-trial conference. At a pre-trial conference, the prosecutor and the defense attorney will attempt to reach a resolution of the case.

If no resolution of the case occurs at the pre-trial conference, the case is set for a jury trial. In a jury trial for a misdemeanor, both the State and the defendant may present evidence to a jury of six people chosen at the start of the trial.

Gross Misdemeanor and Felony DWI Cases

Because of the seriousness of felony and gross misdemeanor cases, more pre-trial hearings take place than in a  misdemeanor case. Once arrested, the defendant will make their initial bail appearance. Bail is set and release conditions are imposed. If a defendant cannot post bail on their own, they can secure a bond or remain incarcerated pending trial.

The next hearing is known as an arraignment. The court will ensure that a defendant understands their rights and the terms of the complaint presented to the court.

The next hearing is called an omnibus hearing and involves the ability to challenge probable cause and evidence secured by the state in an illegal manner. At these hearings, for example, we routinely challenge the validity of the police stop.

Once the omnibus issues are resolved, a pre-trial hearing is set. At that hearing, negotiation takes place between the lawyers. If a plea is reached, the deal is put on the record.

If a plea cannot be reached, a trial date is set.

If convicted, the matter is set for sentencing. The state will perform a pre-sentence investigation to examine the background of the driver and make recommendations concerning a sentence that is appropriate.

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