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What causes drivers to get pulled over for a DWI? The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has identified the most common criteria. Police officers are trained to look for the following behavior when looking for drunk drivers:

  • Turning with a wide radius;

  • Straddling center of lane marker;

  • Appearing to be drunk;

  • Almost striking an object or vehicle;

  • Weaving;

  • Swerving;

  • Speed more than 10 miles below speed limit;

  • Stopping without cause in a traffic lane;

  • Following too closely;

  • Drifting;

  • Tires on center or lane marker;

  • Braking erratically;

  • Driving into opposing or crossing traffic;

  • Signaling inconsistent with driving actions;

  • Slow response to traffic signals;

  • Stopping inappropriately;

  • Turning abruptly or illegally;

  • Accelerating or decelerating rapidly; and

  • Driving with vehicle headlights off.

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Speed as a Factor

Although police officers tend to believe speeding is a factor, speeding is not a recognized sign of intoxication. The faster you drive, the quicker your reactions and reflexes must be as well as your judgment. Therefore, if you are speeding and appear to be driving normally, that would be indicative of sobriety rather than intoxication.

What to Do if Stopped by the Police

What should you do if you are stopped by the police?

You are not required to answer questions that are designed to be incriminating. During a police encounter, a simple request to speak with an attorney before answering questions would be an appropriate response. Remain calm, and be courteous and respectful at all times. Remember that after stopping you and approaching your vehicle, the officer is probably already recording your discussion and behavior without your knowledge.

Signs of Intoxication

After you've been pulled over, law enforcement will look for symptoms that you are intoxicated. Police officers are taught to examine you for the following:

  • Flushed face;

  • Red, watery, glassy or bloodshot eyes;

  • Odor of alcohol on breath;

  • Slurred speech;

  • Fumbling with wallet while trying to get license;

  • Failure to comprehend officer's questions;

  • Unsteady feet while exiting vehicle;

  • Swaying while standing;

  • Leaning on car for support;

  • Being combative, argumentative or jovial while talking with officer;

  • Disheveled clothing;

  • Lack of awareness in regards to time and place; and

  • Driver unable to follow police instructions.

If a significant number of these symptoms present themselves, the office is likely to perform field sobriety tests to determine whether you are intoxicated.

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